Boho Arches and Circle Wall Decal, Boho Wall Stickers

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Please select the Primary Color for the Arches from the dropdown.b) Please type the Secondary Color for the Circles from the color swatch list.
Boho Arches and Circle Wall Decal is for all room decor

Repair any defects on the wall surface or patch nail holes.

Remove pictures, hooks, light fixtures, switch plates, and electrical outlets.

Remove old paste, grease, and dirt with a mild detergent and rinse well.

Paint wall if necessary: the best wall surface for vinyl or canvas murals is a wall painted with two coats of flat latex paint.

Before beginning the sticking process on the walls it is highly recommended to properly measure the vertical height, at which the stickers will be placed.

Never adhere your mural to cinder block, paneling, heavily textured walls, or a slick wall surface.